Welcome. My name is Bryan Acker. I’ve worked in technology for over fifteen years, and corporate learning for the last ten. Starting as a programmer, I had the opportunity to work for clients like NBC and N.A.S.A., but found my passion working as part of the learning and collaboration teams for Business Objects, SAP, and TELUS.

Currently, I’m a Culture Change Ambassador within TELUS Transformation Office. We are a future of work consulting agency, focused on improving employee engagement & organizational culture through strong leadership, collaboration and talent management.

I’ve started this collaborative blog to host my thoughts on corporate culture and the benefits of social/informal learning for organizations. Ideally, this space will be a useful repository for organizations looking to explore a new learning model and maximizing the business benefits of collaboration (and associated technologies).  If this interests you, follow me on twitter.

My biggest concern regarding collaboration is the overwhelming amount of tools, tweets, platforms and content being surfaced. Sharing is a necessity; it helps people and organizations grow, but it’s also a risk. How can we filter the noise? How can we act responsibly to ensure we are helping not harming the state of work?

To try to help people and organizations steer through the chaos, I focus on minimizing our social footprint and still providing value through effective collaboration. It’s inspired by a personal hero – Yvon Chouinard – and his approach to business, but it transfers nicely to this space.

Unlike the current trend, you wont hear me using terms like guru, ninja, sensei or savant. This is just the honest lessons I’ve learned on my own collaborative journey.

So who am I? I’m a father of two, passionate music (borderline obsessive) fan, Tottenham Hotspur/Pittsburgh Steeler supporter and entry-level cyclist.


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