Getting Started:: Video Sharing

One of the most powerful methods of collaboration is video sharing. Obviously, twitter has become a vital part of customer service and sales & marketing, but internally, a microblogging client is as essential as email or a phone.

As concepts become more technical, more personal or more essential, more and more meaning is lost in text based conversations.

By promoting video sharing in your organization, you provide an easy way to communicate the complexities that often impact decisions or action.

That being said, I understand that promoting and deploying a video sharing platform is a large initiative and getting buy-in or seeing the immediate benefits are often challenging.

Here are a few ways we’ve used our video sharing platform to help team members collaborate:

  1. Describing complex concepts
    Often our technicians are put in situations were systems are more complex than expected. Nothing looks like it does in the manual. By providing the technology and resources to record and share videos, we help eliminate the confusion of trying to describe wiring, set up and small details.

    Team members can simply record the video on a Flip Cam, Web Cam or Smart Phone and upload to the site. Because the videos can be tagged and viewed by everyone at the organization, and are given a unique URL, the link can be shared (via email, or better yet, via a microblogging tool) easily to specific channels of people.

    This type of solution isn’t only for technical issues. Imagine you work in a restaurant or retail store. Trying to write the perfect customer greeting or sales technique, accurately describe the proper way to open a bottle of wine or how to dispose of recycled materials correctly is dependent on the use of language. You can eliminate the uncertainty by simply recording a quick video with the step by step instructions.

  2. Improving engagement with team members
    We all get too many email; that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. So, when it comes to formal, corporate communications, emails often sit unread or get deleted. Even if the email is read, it’s often a one way stream of information.

    What about asking your senior leaders to record the message on a web cam? Not only is the content less formal than an edited, approved email, it allows leaders to show emotion and passion. Team members can comment on the video and start a dialog. It might seem like a small ting, but promoting that discussion is crucial as more and more employees are home based or working virtual.

    We use our video channel to share community involvement and charity sessions, days on site with our customer facing employees and unique TELUS experiences most of the organzation would never get to experience (like a tech doing a panoramic video shot of what it looks like to be on the top of a tower doing maintenance). The possibilities are endless. The fact the videos can be embedded in almost any web page is yet another benefit.

  3. Share key learnings quickly
    Your learning team is probably stretched beyond capacity already, and formal content can no longer move at the speed of business. That’s why the need for user generated content is so high. Video sharing helps users create media rich presentations (slide decks, demos, imagery) that can be created quickly and shared organically.

    Instead of having to go through a requirements gathering exercise, follow proper instructional design principles and distribute the content to an audience, a team member can highlight a key learning and within minutes, share that knowledge with the entire organization.

Hopefully these ideas trigger some great ideas for you. If they do, I hope you share them with me 🙂


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