Learning through Complexity

Today I had the chance to sit in on Dave Snowden‘s Leading Through Complexity session and it really triggered some thoughts about how to approach bottom-up adoption with our team goals in the social media and collaboration space. We’ve been operating under the idea that “if you build it, they will come” assuming our design and requirements mirror the business needs. Dave’s thoughts made me think if more hand holding and positive reinforcement are needed and honestly, he’s right.

Over the next three months, I’m hoping we can approach the field techs to create content that not only proves our business cases, but starts creating that organic buzz we need to really start shifting culture. I’d like to think that the narratives trapped inside the 35K team members with 20-30 years of experience have a value that exceeds the effort of documenting the stories, especially if it gets the grass roots team members buying into our collaborative ideas.

Next step.

Engaging the field. Stay tuned.


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