Hello, Internet. A quick introductory post. My name is Bryan Acker and I’m a learning specialist at a large telecommunications company, working on changing the company to a more balanced formal/informal/social model. As a passionate learning 2.0 believer, I wanted to put my money where my heart is and offer my thoughts on Learning 2.0 and how collaboration has become a necessity for both traditional education and corporate training. Every day I leverage other people’s thoughts and feedback to help improve learning, and thought it was about time I started contributing to the equation. Hopefully, this space will evolve organically as ideas are shared and debated, much like the philosophies and methodologies that influence the learning community itself.

The goal of this space is to share my thoughts and time with you and hope visitors do the same. Whether it’s interesting articles, reactions to new ideas and tools or just some ideas that are bouncing around my brain, I want this space to be informative and interesting but also what the flow of information and discussion to be two-way.  I also hope it becomes a forum for learning 2.0 organizations/enthusiasts here in the Maritimes (I’m based in Halifax, Nova Scotia); one influenced by learning leaders across the world.

When I’m not working at my day job, I co-author the fairly (relative term to be sure) successful Canadian music blog, herohill.com. I’ve been a borderline obsessive music fan my whole life, so hopefully this space will also become a resource to help musicians leverage the same social media principles to get their music heard and actually make some money off the art they sweat out.


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